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LAN SDS Full Version is a Data AT Commando Control Station Software that runs using one Cassidian Tetra Radio Tertminal as a Gateway. The Software offers  Features as like SQL-SDS, Twitter-SDS or Reminder-SDS for your Tetra Network in DMO or TMO.



+49(0)15164550550 ( German / English / French)

All Downloads on this Page have been  removed. Download is granted by VPN Connection. Ask by E-Mail and you will receive further Informations.

Attach a Data Cable and your Cassidian Radio Terminal is a independant Data Control Station for your complete Tetra Team - ready in less then 30 Seconds

These Applications have been coded over the past eight Years with +30 000 Lines of Code using Netbeans. Other LAN-SDS Subversions as like webSDS are using Eclipse. In case you are interested in a Cooperation or overtake the Business are welcome to send an E-Mail.