LAN-SDS Control Station Software


using Serial to IP Converters or using free Software Serial to TCP Converter

Perle IOLAN Serial to IP Converter

  • Perle IOLAN SDS- Device to attach a Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminal by TCP-IP Connection


 Data Cables

Data Cables for your Cassidian Radio Terminal

  • DLR-3P for THR880i & THR9(i) Series
  • DLR-3T Cable for TMR880i
  • DLR-8U Cable for TH1n


Use LAN-SDS from worldwide –  Plug and Play

LAN-SDS Lite Version:

  • TEA2 TMO Version – ENGL
  • TEA2 TMO P8GR Version – GER

LAN-SDS Full Version

  • – TEA1 TUI DMO Version
  • -TEA2 TMO Version
  • – TEA2 TMO P8GR Version
  • – TEA1 TUI DMO Version




Hardware Requirements:

  • 1x Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminal
  • AT Command Set 7.2
  • Firmware Minimum 6.69 ( tested with SW Level 7.06)
  • 1x Windows or Linux
  • 1x Data Cable

Software Requirements:

  •  JAVA

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