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PIC 4 TETRA – Send a Picture over Kilometers in DMO or TMO via (concatenated) Textmessages to other Cassidian Radio Terminals.  Or use the App to use it for Text requests only. Ping – Pong. You send a Text Message f.ex. #abc and the Picture App answers you.

Maybe you are located in an Area where there is no Mobil Network as like 2G/3G/4G/ UMTS/ LTE. Send a JPG or PNG Picture over Tetra with your Cassidian  Tetra Radio Terminal to one or many other Cassidian Radio Terminals. The free Picture Java App on the Cassidian Receiver Radio Terminal(s)  reassembles the Text Messages and shows the Piccture A Progress bar shows the current Transfer Status.. The Picture is saved on your (receivers)  Cassidian Tetra  Radio Terminal. But other way worls too. Pictures can be requested by the Users by themselves. Secure transmit Pictures over TETRA in DMO or TMO. There is own mechanism inside to resend if a Message was lost. 100 % works fine Guarantee.

Buy a Data Cable for the Sender and get started.

Picture Application – GUI: ENG

The Picture Application works with Cassidian Radios only. This Picture App can transmit a Picture to Individual (ISSI) a Group of EADS Radios in DMO and TMO.(GSSI)

Nowaday it seems oldfashioned to use Text Message to Transfer a Picture This Picture App is fast as the Tetra Infrastructure Technology is.

Cassidian Tetra Infrastructure send a concatenated Message with 360 Characters at once in TMO, Etelm sends 250 in TMO, EADS Radios send 140 Characters in DMO. If these Speeds for concatenated Messages increase our Picture Application can transfer the Picture faster over TETRA.

Requirements PIC4TETRA

  • PC, Windows, 2 GB RAM, JAVA
  • Airbus Radio Terminal SW Version: Minimum v 6.69
  • DLR-3P (THR880i/ THR9i) , DLR-3T TMR880i  , DLR-8U (TH1n)

Data and Config Cable are available  on low amount on own warehouse for your Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminal. The Receivers dont need a Data Cable .. Pictures is received by Textmessages and with use of our Protocol showing you a Progress Bar.