Head of Company: Andreas Prauschke
Owner of (SW Development)  and ( Reseller of EADS Radios and Accessories)
Dipl. W.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Prauschke
Brunnenstr. 29A
61231 Bad Nauheim

Innovation made in Germany:

The AT Command based Products are:

LAN-SDS Lite and Full Version available on The Version on this webpage are made for Transport, Utility, Industry  ( TEA1)

LAN-SDS Visit Special BOS Version for the German Rescue & Fire Department only. Special Version P8GR, TH1n and THR9i – No GPS Tracking

WEB-SDS Visit It is LAN-SDS Lite Version recoded to be used by Firefox, Google Broswer inside secure LAN, Intranet or worldwide by VPN Connection

ANDROID-SDS: Its LAN-SDS Lite Version recoded to be used by your own Android. This Version is the only that must Internet to send the Push Messages via the Google Push Servers. These are the same Servers where Whatsapp is running over.



  • LAN-SDS Full Version used in TMO TEA 1 Infrastructure of seNet STEAG in Germany Northern Westfalia. Tetra Users of this Tetra Network have the opportunity to use LAN-SDS as  Dispatcher Application to communicate by SDS Message and Track Radios by GPS.
  • LAN-SDS Full Version: DMO TEA1 is for Events to build upp own Data Control Stations in very short Time. Installations mostly in Finland but also around the world as in France, Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, Austria, Poland
  • Java App called „Speed SDS“ for TH1n Radio used in Hytera Infrastructure. TH1n was modified to use loudest beep Tone and blinking Display if a Message arrives. Customer has loud Environment. Customer Message has got a  Task / Job Number. When Pressing the Radio OK Button then Task Number is automatically returned by Text Message towards the Hytera Job/ Process Flow System. This Process Flow helped the Industry Company to speed up the Process by SDS Message.