PEI  Applications for Cassidian TETRA  Radio Terminals

Use our SDS Applications worldwide (W-SDS) or isolated inside the LAN (L-SDS

Do you have a THR880i or THR9i or TH1n Device ? Catch a for a Data Cable and get started

or try our Live Labs and get familiar with the Applications



LAN- SDS Light Version  | P8GR, THRx, TMRx (Free)offers Text and Status Message: Send & Receive

LAN-SDS Full  Version | THR880i, TMR880i  + GPS, +Remote SDS, +SQL SDS


World-SDS Light Version | Webversion Text and Status Messages: Send & Receive

WorldSDS | Web Browser Version: Send and Receiver Tetra Messages over the Internet from any Browser, Multi Access from other Browsers (Clients/ Users) is possible.

World-SDS Light Version | Android Text and Status Messages: Send & Receive  Tetra Messages over the Internet from any Android Device by our own Android App

More Applications are:

Send a Picture to one or many other Airbus Radio Terminals


App1-2 can send Pictures to Single or a Group of Radio Terminals.

The 2-5 KB Picture is splitted and send by Text messages. The Receiver (must be an Cassidian Radio Terminal) gets the messages and our small Java App will show the Picture.


LAN-SDS:  PC Application: incl. GPS Tracking per SDS, Remote SDS, SQL SDS ( Ping-Pong SDS),  Colour SDS ( Status to Colour Assigment – Info Panel)

    • : LAN-SDS FULL TEA1 Industry – for DMO – will be added soon
    •  LAN-SDS FULL TEA1 Industry – for TMO

      Download File and extract it.

      LSDS_FULL_TMO_TEA1: License Key, Choose LSDS_FULL_TMO Database, TableA



  •  TEA2  LIGHT Authority Special Edition for P8GR Rescue Workers in Hessen 


P8GR_v.1.8_TEA2_Limited  YQXQ9-24GNS-Q6HTH-7XR6G-U97GN

P8GR Gerätetreiber

Zum Download der Installationsanleitung  hier klicken
Zum Download der Bedienungsanleitung hier klicken

Zum Download von PiraCom ( Serial / USB to TCP Port Konverter)


  • TEA2 FULL – Authority Special Edition for P8GR Rescue Workers in Hessen ( GERMAN GUI)

Vollversion für den P8GR / TH1n zur Nutzung im TEA2 BOS Netz



Wähle in der Test DB  LSDS_FULL_BOS_DE,  Database, TableA aus

Eine Beispielkonfig für Situations Stati für das SQL-SDS Feature finden Sie hier: P8GR Konfig – SQL SDS (Ping Pong Feature)   Beachten Sie die Start Range der Situatios Stati und prüfen Sie die DB Tabelle. Also den Primary Key (Schlüsselfeld)  und ändern Sie diesen passend ab auf z.b. Spalte ID Wert: 33000 für den erste Situations Status.( Achtung/ News AS HE 09/2019:  Änderung Start Range 32796, 20 Freigaben => Ende 32815)