PEI  Applications for Airbus  Radio Terminals

Use our SDS Application worldwide (W-SDS) or isolated inside the LAN (L-SDS) or standalone

Do you have a THR880i or THR9i or TH1n Device ? Ask for a Data Cable and get started


LAN- SDS Light Version  | P8GR, THRx, TMRx (Free)offers Text and Status Message: Send & Receive

LAN-SDS Full  Version | THRx, TMRx on top GPS, Remote SDS, SQL SDS


Use this Applications over the Internet via secure HTTPS Connection

World-SDS Light Version |Android Text and Status Messages: Send & Receive

World-SDS Light Version | Webversion Text and Status Messages: Send & Receive


More Applications are:

Send a Picture to one or many other Airbus Radio Terminals