TETRA AT Commands Applications – 10 Years of ongoing Development

 Full Version Features

  • the SQL-SDS – Feature: Users  request Informations from your local Database in DMO or TMO by Status- or Text Message
  • Periodic GPS Tracking of up eight Users. Output GPS Coordinates per Online or Offline Map
  • Catch Callout Alarm Messages sent from your Control Station
  • Multiple Radio Terminal Connections Feature. Connect to DMO and TMO at the same Time !
  • Optimize Sending of Message Process: Choose Clear, Hex or Flash Message before sending the Text Message
  • Unknown Message Detection -> capture unknown incoming SDS Messages:
  • Multi Language GUI – English and French is pre translated – add your own Language and Translate the Language File
  • Twitter-140 Characters SDS Feature which sends SDS-4 Text Messages from your subscribed Twitter Channels

LAN-SDS  is a TETRA Messaging  Application and uses one  TETRA Radio Terminal of either Type THR880i, TMR880i, TH1n or P8GR as a Data – Gateway.

The Data Control Station Software offers lan-wide access to your Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminal by TCP/IP Connection.

All others TETRA Radio Terminals can be of different Vendor

All you need is one Cassidian Radio Terminal with Data Cable and at least SW Level 6.69. Doublecheck with *#0000#

TETRA is used in Europe by  Authorities and Industry (TUI)

as well as by Private Users / Amateurs and Professionals on 430.025 MHz

Customers  from Europe use LAN-SDS for GPS Tracking, for Messaging Communication on Events or to receive Callout Alarms within the Application.

Because of Website Attacks in May  -> All User Registrations and all Software Downloads were removed from this  Page

Access to the LAN-SDS Download Area on request means per Order and VPN Connection only !

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